Saturday, June 25, 2011

From the Airport

Written: 6/19/11

So, months of planning and preparing…and its finally here! I am currently sitting in the airport in Houston waiting on a plane to come and take me away! My flight to California leaves in one hour. Months of waiting and it all comes down to this, one hour away. So, how does it feel to be this close? I’m still not sure. I’m nervous, excited, happy, sad, scared and at peace all at once. I feel prepared, and yet completely unprepared. I feel happy to be going, and yet sad to go. The truth is, all I can feel is that God is in control. He has done amazing things these past few months. He has provided in ways I never could have dreamed. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been so generous in giving to help me to reach my goals. Starting this adventure, I had no idea how I was even going to raise all the money necessary to go this summer. I have learned, and am constantly learning, never to doubt God and his plans! He is in control! So, here I go. My baby steps have gotten me this far, and I continue to move! I will update as often as possible! Got to go, airplane is boarding!

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  1. Hey I am writing this as I am sitting right next to you. this is great, you are right, God is in control.