Monday, April 25, 2011


Thank you Jesus for your Sacrifice! Easter is such a great reminder of the love of our Lord and Savior and all He has given us!

God keeps showing me that His hand is on this trip as donations keep coming in! Thank you Jesus, and thank all of you who have made that sacrifice!

My plane ticket to Cambodia has been purchased by the group I'm going with, the only drawback is that it is $200 more than we originally thought because of gas prices. HOWEVER, I still know God is providing! :)

For those of you who can, I ask that you pray to see if God is leading you to help financially with this trip. And those that can't help financially, I continue to ask for your prayers knowing that our God is faithful to hear the prayers of His children and provide for us!

To those who have already made that financial sacrifice
I appreciate it more than words can say!
I should have an update next week as to how much more I need for my trip!!! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The fundraising is going well so far! Thank you to the wonderfully generous people at UHBC for donating money to help me with my Cambodia mission trip!

Currently, I almost have enough money to make my first (of 2) payments AND buy my plane ticket! God is so good! To those of you who have been so eager and generous to give, THANK YOU! It is such a blessing to know that so many are willing to help and contribute in order to benefit the kingdom of God!
If you are still thinking about contributing, let me encourage you to prayerfully consider giving in the way that God is leading you. Below I have a list of ways that will allow you to fit giving into your budget and will help me meet my goals!

35 people giving 10 a month for 2 months = 700
35 people giving 20 a month for 2 months= 1400
50 people giving 10 total= 500
20 people giving  20 total= 400
20 people giving 50 total= 1000
10 people giving 100 total= 1000

10 people giving 10= 100
20 people giving 20= 400
10 people giving 50= 500
20 people giving 50 a month for 2 months = 2000
20 people giving 100 total= 2000

As you can see, every gift helps! :) Please join me in praying for this trip, and see if God is leading you to financially support this journey. Even if you feel like its 'only' $10, know that your $10 will be multiplied in the kingdom of Heaven!

Thank you again to all of you who have been so giving and I will try harder to keep all of you updated more frequently! :)