Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20, 20, 20 Challenge

In an effort to raise funds for my trip, I am hosting a challenge.

Do I have 20 friends who are willing to sacrifice $20 in the next 20 days to help me share the Gospel with children in Cambodia? This may be one of the only times some of these kids and their families EVER hear about Jesus and His sacrifice for them. Please help support this mission trip. Imagine, you could be one of the reasons a whole generation is changed and brought to know Christ!

$20, that's all I'm asking! If you don't have $20 then donate what you can. Every bit helps! If God has blessed you more, and you are able to give more it will be very much appreciated!

To give, go to Teachoverseas.org and click on 'contribute'. From there, choose for your gift to go to a teacher and put my name in the boxes. ITS SO EASY! AND ITS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Every gift is appreciated! Thank you!

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